Seasons of Life, Season of Transition

Seasons of life, rebirth, renew, regrowth. We pass through seasons multiple times in our life and each is helpful to us. When we think of the four celestial seasons; winter, spring, summer, fall, we can often correlate these to our personal lives.

Fall with its changes and beautiful colors, reminds us that everything has a beginning and an end. It’s a time to remind us to mature and celebrate the mysteries of life, to take all that we’ve learned and nurture it each day. It is a time to enjoy life and its rewards.

Winter is a time to reflect and work on our spirit. It’s a time when life becomes more focused and priorities become clearer. A time when our goals are more authentic and reflect our priorities in life.

Summer brings us warm, relaxed times. It is a time of play when we feel bright and content. The summer solstice brings warmth and abundance in nature just as it brings affection and richness to our souls. However, along with that can come thunderstorms and turbulent times that can test us and make us stronger.

And spring, ah spring, the season of new beginnings. Spring is the season in our life of new growth and discovery. It is the period of our lives where we clear out the old to make way for the new. It is a time where we create new beginnings for ourselves and our lives. This is our time of transition. This is where you and I meet to identify and accomplish these ambitions. Are you ready to try something new, either by your own choice or dictated by life circumstances? Check out a couple of websites below you may find helpful:
Creating a Loving, Supportive Space to Thrive In

It’s Your Journey, You are the Pilot

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