Empowering Leaders Through Abundance Coaching

In most of the coaching world you can be gentle and kind or you can get things done.  I have the ability to bring these two styles together.  Pursuing your goals with passion while respecting your style and grace is the combination that moves you forward.  This may seem an odd combination to some, yet together we will find the “road less traveled” and that will “make all the difference.”

What we offer

Scope of Services

If you have decided coaching is right for you or if you are intrigued and would like to explore a little more, here are some options for you:

Welcome Call

Free / 30 Minute Session

You have decided you want to pursue life coaching and are ready to move ahead. This 30 minute free session will allow us to get to know each other better. I will email you some paperwork (I know, ugh), I promise it won’t be much and will allow our first session to focus on those things most important to you.

Life Coaching

$125 / 50 Minutes

You are fully prepared to moved ahead and engage in the process. 50 minute sessions are $125 each or 6 sessions for $675. There is nothing magical about six sessions – I’ve just found it’s a good length of time for really anchoring in the tools so they are there for you every day. Additional sessions can be booked individually or in additional bundles of six.

Leadership Coaching

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Leadership Coaching Working collaboratively with leaders to create transformational change and maximize performance while enjoying the lifestyle of their dreams.

Why Choose Susan Erickson Coaching

Areas of Focus


Clarity and effectiveness are critical when you transition from one stage of life to the next. Moving to a new home, a new job, going to college, empty nest or new child can create chaos.

An easy flow in your relationships and organization in your life provides the basis for you to achieve your full possibility. I can help you bring balance and energy back to your life. We will focus on that new life and take substantive steps to get there.


Are you ready to manage processes and lead people to the outcomes that your boss, your board, and you are expecting?

Authentic leadership can occur at any level in an organization. I have worked at every level, processing paperwork, setting policy in administration and establishing the culture in the c-suite. Together we will discover how you can stand up for yourself, be heard and yet maintain your professional presence. Schedule A Phone Call


If you overheard two of your friends talking at your funeral, what would you want them to say? The seeds you plant, the ripple effect you create in your family and in your community will exist far longer than your time in this life.

Thinking about your legacy can seem overwhelming and choosing where to focus may cause some anxiety. I will help you identify and create the lasting impression you desire, and in so doing, you will change the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not for everyone. I encourage anyone to reach out to me for a Free phone call so we can see if it is a right fit for you.

Achieve clear direction, Improve resilience and confidence, Find time and quality in life, Inspiration to get started.

I am ready to achieve new and challenging goals, I will take regular actions to help achieve my goals, I am willing to change my behaviors and explore blind spots which may limit my success, I can be open and speak the truth about myself to my coach.

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Why Work with Susan

Susan’s approach is focused on giving her clients the unique and individualized help they need to transform their lives.

Susan knows that being a leader requires a mindset
metamorphosis. One that leads to demonstrable change. Elevating your leadership skills will alter your relationships with others, with money, with your career, and with yourself.

She wants to help others transform their leadership style and achieve wellness and peace with the teams they work with. Susan wants for you to find success that transcends your own expectations.