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Mary W
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I met with Susan for several weeks & she helped me to focus on the positive & my accomplishments & what was really important & to stop focusing on the negative thoughts & behaviors. I have been able to move forward & visualize how I want things to be in my life instead of focusing on how they actually are. Susan can help you move forward again with thankfulness & hope!
Alex F
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Susan coached me through a couple of challenges I was facing that I felt overwhelmed with. She provides comfort and clarity just when you think you are in over your head. She coached me to prioritize what I needed.
Shannon S
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For anyone in direct sales or a commission based job, I’d highly recommend Susan Erickson’s Life coaching. I had a lull in confidence and performance with my sales job. I met with Susan and she really helped me dig down within myself and helped me identify root causes for these feelings, I was having. After meeting with Susan, it completely rejuvenated my inner confidence and I’ve had the most consistent and successful month since I started.

Are you ready to discover your greatest self?

It is my passion to empower others to gain clarity, confidence and competence in:  discerning emotions, identifying and changing self destructive behaviors, realizing your authentic self,  becoming healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually, setting goals and achieving them, surviving and thriving during life transitions. 

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As a Certified Life Coach - I Work Well With:

Impression & Legacy

Thinking about your legacy can seem overwhelming and choosing where to focus may cause some anxiety. I will help you identify and create the lasting impression you desire, and in so doing, you will change the world.

Transitioning Clarity

Clarity and effectiveness are critical when you transition from one stage of life to the next. Moving to a new home, a new job, going to college, empty nest or new child can create chaos.

Leadership Development

Are you ready to manage processes and lead people to the outcomes that your boss, your board, and you are expecting?

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Risk Free

The Perfect Opportunity to See if Life Coaching is For You. 

By a Certified Life Coach Susan Erickson.

When you give everything You have nothing to lose.

― Kate McGahan

I have a bachelor of science in business and a masters degree in organizational leadership. My career in healthcare spans

30 years including human resources, Administrator of a cardiology clinic, Director of Network Operations for primary and specialty clinics and my most recent role of Chief Operating Officer for a family medicine clinic.

In medicine, facts must provide the basis for decisions, but wisdom and lived experience must be added in for the best outcome. My deep appreciation for efficacy, the ability to produce a desired result consistently, stayed with me as I moved into coaching, and I chose an evidence-based training program that incorporates both the “art” and the “science” of coaching. In addition, compassion is a hallmark of healthcare and also an attribute that enhanced my career and allowed me to bring empathy to leadership positions.  This combination, as I learned in my medical experience, produces the greatest results for my clients – and that’s what matters most to me.

With Grace and Possibilities,