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Certified Life Coach Specializing in:

Leadership Development

Are you ready to manage processes and lead people to the outcomes that your boss, your board, and you are expecting?

Transitioning Clarity

Clarity and effectiveness are critical when you transition from one stage of life to the next. Moving to a new home, a new job, going to college, empty nest or new child can create chaos.

Impression & Legacy

Thinking about your legacy can seem overwhelming and choosing where to focus may cause some anxiety. I will help you identify and create the lasting impression you desire, and in so doing, you will change the world.

Risk Free

When you give everything You have nothing to lose.

― Kate McGahan

The Perfect Opportunity to See if Life Coaching is For You. 

By a Certified Life Coach Susan Erickson.

Reviews Received

Mary W
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I met with Susan for several weeks & she helped me to focus on the positive & my accomplishments & what was really important & to stop focusing on the negative thoughts & behaviors. I have been able to move forward & visualize how I want things to be in my life instead of focusing on how they actually are. Susan can help you move forward again with thankfulness & hope!
Alex F
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Susan coached me through a couple of challenges I was facing that I felt overwhelmed with. She provides comfort and clarity just when you think you are in over your head. She coached me to prioritize what I needed.
Shannon S
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For anyone in direct sales or a commission based job, I’d highly recommend Susan Erickson’s Life coaching. I had a lull in confidence and performance with my sales job. I met with Susan and she really helped me dig down within myself and helped me identify root causes for these feelings, I was having. After meeting with Susan, it completely rejuvenated my inner confidence and I’ve had the most consistent and successful month since I started.

It is not for everyone. I encourage anyone to reach out to me for a Free phone call so we can see if it is a right fit for you.

Achieve clear direction, Improve resilience and confidence, Find time and quality in life, Inspiration to get started.

I am ready to achieve new and challenging goals, I will take regular actions to help achieve my goals, I am willing to change my behaviors and explore blind spots which may limit my success, I can be open and speak the truth about myself to my coach.

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Meet Susan Erickson

YourCertified Life Coach

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I have a bachelor of science in business and a masters degree in organizational leadership. My career in healthcare spans

30 years including human resources, Administrator of a cardiology clinic, Director of Network Operations for primary and specialty clinics and my most recent role of Chief Operating Officer for a family medicine clinic.

In medicine, facts must provide the basis for decisions, but wisdom and lived experience must be added in for the best outcome. My deep appreciation for efficacy, the ability to produce a desired result consistently, stayed with me as I moved into coaching, and I chose an evidence-based training program that incorporates both the “art” and the “science” of coaching. In addition, compassion is a hallmark of healthcare and also an attribute that enhanced my career and allowed me to bring empathy to leadership positions.  This combination, as I learned in my medical experience, produces the greatest results for my clients – and that’s what matters most to me.

I have worked with many different styles, personalities, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds, always providing a safe space for the individual to cultivate their path and accomplish their goals.  I support you in respecting your own beliefs and incorporating them in everything you do.  It will not only get you the outcome you desire, it will allow you to sustain that outcome.

Discovering Your Calling
Discovering your calling is an exciting process and being able to recognize the action steps you need to take brings great satisfaction.  The most satisfying of all for me is helping you develop the tools you need to support and maintain the vision you create.

What it has done for me
Coaching has provided me the ability to continue my pursuit of life long learning.  It’s not just what you were taught, it’s how you use your knowledge to create progress in your life and the lives of those around you that is true education.  Learning comes in many forms, some through schools, courses and other formal systems.  And much of our learning comes from experiences, our own or those we observe around us.  We all have within us the answers to our own questions, we just need to acknowledge and respect that still, small voice whispering within each of us and that is what I will help you discover.


The calling that provides me the most ability to impact others, and the most personal reward, is that of wife, mother and grandmother.  I have learned to be caring and stern at the same time.  I have learned to get what I need without trampling the feelings of others.  Most importantly I have learned that you can be kind and extend grace without giving in.   I bring these qualities to coaching, which provides me the ability to extend to you, this capacity for action with graciousness, a rare combination.

Applying my Experiences For You
All of these experiences and values allow me to be the coach that will help you create progress with gentleness and grace, moving you forward with perseverance and integrity.  It is my mission to guide you in discerning your purpose and calling.  This is what will guide you back to your authentic self.


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With Grace and Possibilities,

Susan Erickson

Life Coach